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Successful moving begins with advanced planning. Knowing what to expect – like timing, moving teams, and required trucks helps you prepare for your moving day.


Most moves consist of loading, transportation, and unloading.


Loading and unloading are labor-intensive components that require skilled Moving Teams and appropriate equipment. Skills and equipment are necessary to successfully carry pianos or large armoires through flights of stairs and narrow doorways.


When loading we blanket and shrink-wrap the furniture, this is essential for a scratch-free move. Next, we carefully stow, not randomly place, your blanketed furniture and packed cartons inside a moving truck. Property like walls, floors, and doorways are also protected. During unloading we place items into their designated location, per your direction, and reassemble all the furniture that we took apart.


  • Transportation can be local, short or long distance.


  • Local deliveries usually require little driving. Most local moves are completed within one day, with a truck and a Moving Team exclusively servicing one job.


  • Short distance deliveries entail up to several hundred miles of driving. Short distance moves are typically delivered “Next Day”, but some are completed as “Same Day” service.


  • Long distance deliveries can be Direct or Consolidated.

  • Direct service means you know exactly when to expect delivery. Loaded truck travels directly to your new place, and unloading takes place on arrival at your destination.

  • Consolidated service means a truck is shared by multiple jobs. Transportation times vary based on pick-ups and deliveries while en-route to your destination. Unloading takes place within a range of previously agreed dates. Sharing transportation between multiple jobs saves you money.

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