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You can choose between Exact, Bottom Line Prices or Hourly and Mileage Rates. Regardless of which option you choose, pricing depends on scope of service. What items need to be handled? What furniture needs disassembly? Reassembly? Is packing or crating required? What dwellings are involved? What needs to be carried via stairs or elevators? How close to your building can a truck park? Are there restrictions of work hours or elevator availability? Is access limited to small trucks? How far are things traveling? Are there extra pick-up or delivery stops?


Item List imprecisely describes the job. More information is needed because same-named items can vary in material structure, shape, size, and weight. This means handling 2 identically named and similarly located items can require different efforts. Leather Sofas, for example, should be padded, and blankets secured with shrink-wrap. Fabric Sofas – shrink-wrapped first, to shield the fabric from lint and dust, and sleeper sofas – strapped to prevent from opening.


Dwelling layout and items’ internal location affect loading and unloading. Even same size homes often have different layouts, doorways, and driveways. People decorate distinctly - same items can be placed differently in 2 identical homes. Carrying the same Sofa from a Basement Family Room, Top Floor seating area, or a Ground Floor Living Room requires a different effort.


Elevators, hallways, and staircases vary in sizes. Larger elevators fit more items and reduce elevator trips.  Units closer to an elevator require less walking. Some items do not fit into elevators. Carrying something up or down a flight of stairs is different from using an elevator.


Parking and access restrictions, like entry via a basement or a parking garage, cause longer walks and extra loading efforts. It is much easier to park in the driveway, close to the front door.


Arrange to have our moving consultant visit you for a visual job evaluation – and we will offer you a no-obligation Bottom Line, Price Quote.

Service Cost Calculator

Service period begins when service team arrives at customer’s location, and ends just before departure from customer’s location. Driving time from origin to destination doubles for service team return. Includes 1 vehicle for performance of customer-selected tasks like packing, truck loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking.

Overtime 1:  Monday - Saturday after 9 service hours, from 7pm to 11:59pm, and all day Sunday – 125% of regular rate.

Overtime 2:  Monday - Saturday from 12am to 7am, and all day during Public Holidays – 150% of regular rate.


Fuel Surcharge: $45.00 per truck, or $1.35/mile/truck when trip from origin to destination is 50 miles or greater.

Overnight hold on the truck:  $225/night, and $675/night for overnight on semitrailer.

At times we offer specials or discounts based on various promotions, coupons, time of year, and service team availability.

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