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Packing is putting items into cartons (boxes). Dishes, vases, small appliances, lamps, paintings, books, clothes, towels, linens, bathroom items etc. - all need packing. Packing does not mean crating or blanket wrapping. Shrink-wrapping, blanketing, and padding are parts of the moving service.


Complete packing means we provide the materials and place all box-fitting items into cartons. Each room is packed separately, with cartons clearly labeled and tape-sealed for moving.


Partial packing means we pack just some select items; For example - a set of delicate china, paintings, and wine glasses. People commonly pack their “not so breakables” like clothes, towels, linens, and books and leave the fragile china, glasses, lamps, and paintings to the packing team.


At your new place, we can unpack and place items into chosen location under your direction.


Crates offer an increased level of protection, but require advanced preparation and use of specialized materials. Most crates are made of plywood and lumber boards, specifically for the items that need transporting. Weight and dimensions of the item to crate are essential for crate making.


Chandeliers, valuable art items, large marble and glass, delicate and fragile furniture, antiques, and collectibles often need crating.

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